In the wide and diverse field of facility management, there is a vast number of FM experts to keep track of. These are three of the most prominent figures when it comes to maximizing business efficiency. IFMA The IFMA, or International Facility Management Association, has over three decades of experience in facility management, with representation in over one hundred different countries. The IFMA is also very engaged with its online following, and regularly shares networking and educational opportunities. BIFM Another often-heard name in the FM field is the British Institute of Facilities Management, which has been at it for almost 25 years at this point.Read More →

In the modern world and the fast growing innovations and creativity, there are so many systems set up by firms and businesses to make sure that their desires outputs or results are met. The integration of these systems, functions, services and technology require personnel and here is where the facility management comes in handy. Also, the facility manager has a responsibility not only to maintain the operations of the organization but also to maintain the building within where the firm is located. Some of the major and most important skills or traits one should have to make a good facility manager include; ยท Leadership andRead More →